The Sounding Board

Welcome to a new part of my blog – the Sounding Board!

A sounding board is a structure that helps project the sound of the speaker.  My favorites are the gaudy looking things that hung over pulpits in pre-microphone church days, but there are also sounding boards in pianos and other instruments.  Somewhere in the ever-evolving mass that is the English language we gave these two words a second meaning.  The infallible editors of Wikipedia say it well:  “The term is also used inter-personally to describe one person listening to another, and especially to their ideas. When a person listens and responds with comments, they provide perspective that otherwise would not be available through introspection or thought alone.”  That’s what I’m going for here.

forum of comments on blog
Here ye! Here ye!

I love it when readers comment and give their perspectives in response to my posts.  Your feedback influences the way I think, how I approach future posts, and helps others see the issue from different perspectives than mine.  Often I get to clarify things in the comment section that I left out in the main article, but not everyone takes the time to read through every comment (there are 81 so far on the last post, which is great, but I don’t blame you for not reading them all).

Enter the Sounding Board.  A week or two after each controversial article I’ll feature a few of the comments that help me clarify myself and that help to deepen the conversation.  I try not to blabber in my articles, so I don’t get to explain everything completely – thank you for helping me find the topics you would like to discuss more.  In each Sounding Board I’ll use comments from the comment section on the blog, Facebook, forums, and personal messages.  You can come back to this page any time for links to each Sounding Board.  Enjoy!


The Sounding Board on:

Polygamy and Mormonism – a Call to Honesty


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