Table of Contents

One nice (but sometimes annoying) thing about blogs is that they put the most recent articles at the top.  That ensures that repeat-readers can always get the most recent articles easily, but it also makes it so first-time readers really have no clue what’s going on.  There are a lot of links on the side so you can read the specific types of articles you’d like, but it would be nice to be able to read things in chronological order without scrolling down a thousand times until you make it to the first article.  So – here’s your Table of Contents:

Jefferson’s Articles:


The Day I Left the Church . . . Journal Entry

A Mormon Boy’s Mission to Save His Father

Truth is Concrete but We Are Fools

Fake Lives and Empty Conversations

You’re Not Entitled To My Ears Forever

Jefferson-Approved Literature!  The Books that Influenced Me the Most

“They Overcame by Faith” (Homecoming Talk of Elder C, Dec. 13th 2007)

Journal Entry 09/17/2007 – Two Months Before My Mission Ended

Mormon PR: Redefining History at the Expense of Integrity

The Top 10 Reasons Anyone Leaves the LDS Church (Satire)

(Story Series #1 Begins)

Wanted: Input and Sources on Mormon Polygamy

Two of the Most Important Videos Any Mormon/ExMormon Could Watch

The Son of a Gay man Weighs In on Josh Weed and the Mormon Gay Movement

Mormonism and Polygamy – A Call to Honesty

The Sounding Board: Mormonism and Polygamy – A Call to Honesty

Leavers and Stayers (and Returners) – Intro to Story Series #2 and 3

(Story Series #2 and 3 Begin)

Six Months of Blogging . . . Plenty More to Come

2012 in Review


Story Series

Readers and family members telling their story of leaving, staying, or returning to the LDS Church.  Click here for the Story Series table of contents.


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