#2 – Stayers

Buddy (Cousin, Brother, and Son to Leavers Like Me)

“…There is a strong sense of camaraderie and brotherhood that comes from sharing mutual beliefs about life and God, and when that feeling is torn away, it leaves a very hollow space….” 

David (Step-Father and Daddio)

“…I have broadened my view of people and the world through these insights.  I have deepened my ability to love and accept and support.  Don’t get me wrong, I still do not accept that some of the directions chosen are good or even right for the people I love.  But I do feel I understand….”

Rea (Mom)

“…She left the church, and then left our home.  I was devastated, and I missed her very much.  I understood her reasons, but I couldn’t tell her so.  It was my job – I thought – to remain stalwart and stoic, to model the Believing Mormon Mother so that my daughter would one day return to the fold… both folds.  To do this was unnatural to me….”


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