Favorite Blogs

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picture courtesy of Stefan Baudy

There are a million blogs out there.  Well, actually there are over 181 million blogs out there.  Not that I need to actually point this out . . . but that’s a lot of reading.  No worries, I’ll save you the work – here is a non-exhaustive list of the ones I think you should check out.  I love reading them, and they’re all about similar topics as The Accidental Atheist.  Enjoy.

First . . . I’ve gotta represent . . .

Family Member’s Blogs

MormonGirl.Undone – the End and the Beginning of My World

The Melancholy Spitfire – Musings of a Restless Mind

Others (in no order)

Mormon Stories (technically a podcast . . . but indispensable)

Irresistible (Dis)Grace – of those who leave the Mormon Church but can’t leave it alone

Ask Mormon Girl

The Mom of Oz

The Exponent

And . . . more to come.


What do you think?

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