“Who is it?!” – Nov. 4th, 2006

LDS Mission Journal

“WHO IS IT?!?”

“The missionaries!”

“WHO?!?  Speak louder!”


He must have had the TV on loudly or something . . . apparently he couldn’t hear what we said and jumped to a logical and understandable question . . .

“A BITCH?!?!” 


Finally he got up from whatever he was doing and opened the door.

“Hi, we’re the missionaries.”  

“Oh . . . well we don’t want that,” and he shut the door.


6 thoughts on ““Who is it?!” – Nov. 4th, 2006

  1. I stumbled across your blog while doing research for a paper on the effects of an LDS mission on the missionaries close friends. And I would like to thank you for totally engrossing me and making lose about an hour of study time.

    1. Hahaha, perfect! I’m glad I could steal away your productive time by capturing your curiosity. 😉

      I’m always curious to find out – which article first nabbed you? And how did you first get to the blog? Which articles did you like the best?

      Good luck with your paper! That sounds interesting. Are you interviewing anyone for it?

      1. It seems everyone I’ve ever met loves to steal precious time! haha

        I sort of just stumbled upon your blog on google while searching desperately, and rather fruitlessly I might add, for any research articles already done on the subject that I could draw from.

        I think my favorite article is Nathan’s story, not to insult your way of writing, it is fantastic, but I am going through something that is taking a lot of on the knees praying time. A guy ended up “stealing my heart” only to leave a year later on a mission. He’s been gone about two weeks and out of nowhere I’m having some serious, life threatening things happen. I find myself praying for him to come home, and using that as a foundation for my paper. And I am interviewing close friends of his as well. It’s a very… Personal paper, if you will.

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